Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Carpet Cleaning Companies

While it’s best to leave thorough carpet cleaning to the experts, it’s still important to know at least the basic things about the methods they use. This will help you know which service will suit your carpet needs in the best way possible.

Below are some of the methods that carpet cleaners use along with their advantages and disadvantages:

Bonnet Cleaning

If you’re looking for a fast and cheaper alternative, then this might be an option. It uses a bonnet or an absorbent pad. It starts by pre-vacuuming the area and then spraying a chemical solution, which will be allowed to sit on the surface for a few moments. The next step will require a special floor machine and an absorbent pad or bonnet attached to it; spin this to the carpet area back and forth and once done, give it one last vacuum. This method is effective in cleaning the top carpet fibers; however, it’s not the best solution when you want deep cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

Contrary to the name used, this method still uses a small amount of moisture to clean the fabric; however, it dries up almost instantly after cleaning. Below are two types of carpet cleaning:

Dry Compound – This method uses a mixture of different solvents and powder which is then applied to the carpet until absorbed. After 10 to 15 minutes, you can remove the grime using a vacuum. It is fast drying and you can use the carpet immediately but like bonnet cleaning, it will not reach the dirt and stains deep down the fabric.

Dry Foam – Also known as rotary shampoo method, a shampoo is applied to the carpet to remove stains, dirt, and other debris. A special floor machine with brushes will be used to clean the carpet. The shampoo will then be absorbed by the vacuum, leaving the carpet almost dry in an instance but like the dry compound, this option will not work on the deeper level of the carpet surface.

Steam Cleaning

This method is also known as “hot water extraction” for one good reason — it uses hot water injected into the carpet and after less than 30 minutes, the liquid will be sucked out of the fabric using a vacuum. This is the best option you have when you want to remove grime in hard-to-reach areas of your carpet and you want the chemicals used to be more effective. However, it comes with two disadvantages: 1.) it will take at least 24 hours for the carpet to dry completely and 2.) it is pretty expensive.

If you think that you can still handle your carpet dilemma and the fabric isn’t worn out yet, you can look for safer alternatives and techniques which you can do at home. Some of these include using vinegar or baking soda. Nevertheless, you will still need professional assistance every 12 to 18 months, depending on how soiled your carpet is and the people living in your home. But before hiring a carpet cleaning specialist, be sure to conduct a research first to know if their services are worth trusting.